The Flower Girl

Fatima Zaidi Romance

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"Because every flower has a meaning." She said.

"I don't believe it"

"But they do, each and every flower in this shop tells us something."; She insisted not ready to give up.

"Then tell me and I might believe."


Aster Walsh is a broken girl. After her groom left her before the wedding day and she was left jobless a week later, her friend helps her get a part-time job in a small flower shop. Life is painfully simple for Aster until one day he walks in, in the shop and in her life.

Kyler Holt is an uptight owner of an event management company who is in desperate need of a flower arranger for his upcoming event. As he takes the matter, in his own hands and walks the street in order to find a nice flower shop in the neighborhood, he comes across the girl who can be his flower girl.

30 days, 30 meetings, 30 flowers. As they learn the meaning behind each shade and each flower, they learn how important they are to each other.


Tags: Karma/DestinySecond ChanceGentleAloofPowerfulBossMillionaireMafiaTragedySweet
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