Blood Moon

Ann Howell Vampire/Werewolf

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At sixteen, Elouise Montgomery's parents and brother were betrayed and murdered by their beta. With no-one left to carry on her family's legacy, she fights to become the alpha of what could have been the strongest pack the word has ever seen.

Two years later, two murders lead her pack into a war where the odds are not in her favour. And as if things can't get any worse for her, she finds her mate fighting for the wrong side.


“Tell me,” his voice was deep and guttural. I felt it in my bones. “Are you the cause of your pack’s collapse? Did you fail so poorly as an alpha that you single-handedly managed to clear decades worth of reputation as quickly as you did?”

I could have slapped him. I could have grabbed a fistful of his hair and bashed his face against the edge of the table and cause enough damage before Wyatt could even bring himself to try and stop me.

But my pack was already at war and I didn’t need to add Lucas to the list of people who wanted me dead.

I took in his words because I didn’t have a choice. I stared at him because there was nothing else that I could do. But in that stare, I pulled every thread of my being, every string of strength, pain, spirit and power and I used it all to give him a glare worthy of an alpha.

He flinched when my eyes blazed. “I would do things for my pack that you couldn’t even imagine.”


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Chapter 24

Elouise’s POV

The dining room was decorated with greens and browns. I tried not to focus on it, but it seemed to be the only thing I could use to distract myself when Jack was determined to know how I was coping.

I managed to slip away from the question about the bathroom by explaining to him I had lady problems. It kept him quiet a……