My Possessive CEO

Irtania Adrien Romance

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With the death of her parents, and the exhaustion of her part time job, Sarah decided on getting a job as a secretary for the CEO of a worldwide known company. What she didn't know was that her boss would turn out to be America's most eligible bachelor, and one of New York's most known player.

Damien Reaves is one of the most powerful man, and CEO anyone could ever come across. He is known for his excellent bussiness managing skills, his charming looks, not to mention his skills in bed, and his continuous list of women. But he is also cold hearted and arrogant.

When a short woman, with a fiery attitude step foot in his office for an interview, he couldn't help it, but to have a possessive feeling over her, wanting her all to himself, making sure no one else could have her.

Now Sarah finds herself trapped in an invisible cage of emotions, feelings, lust and love, all because of her new boss, and his possessive hold on her.


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Hey guys!

Just wanted to take the time to thank you all for reading my story. I know the last chapter ended at a cliffhanger, well the second book that continues this story is called "My Possesive Temptation" and this book can be found on wattpad at no cost, on my page Taty_ABM.

Thank you all once again for your……