Mr Player's Game

Lechna Baram Romance

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Nya is a seventeen years old girl who just moved at his mother and his step father's house. She will be living with her best friend Shane and Emma who are also her siblings. Shane's best friend , Jake but also their neighbor started feeling strangely attracted to Nya. The two decides to play a game. Will the player change for the only girl who he might be falling for? Read to know.


Tags: Opposites AttractFriends to LoversBadboyGoodgirlStudentFootball PlayerDramaSweetBxG
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Chapter 30

            I woke up with warmth surrounding me. I tried to move but those strong arms wouldn't let me. "Stop moving" I heard that sexy voice ordered from behind me.

      "Do you want me to pee on you?" I asked teasingly making Jake's eyes fluttered ……