Lust Or Love?

Shravani Bhattacharya Historical Romance

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"Attack! " A female voice was heard and within seconds the sound of clashing metals were heard. The moonlight was not enough to see who was killing whom.
But it was enough for him to see the betrayal in the eyes of his love.
The king of Umarkot fell in love with a maid in his palace. but her intentions were black as the night sky!
But what will happen when he will get to know that she betrayed him and she was no maid but the princess of Ajmer?


Tags: PossessiveLove after MarriagePregnantArranged MarriageArrogantDominantKickass HeroineKingQueenSweet
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She felt like a hammer was continuously hitting on her forehead when she finally opened her eyes to see a immediate chaos created surrounding her.

A number of questions were fired at her at the same time and she could not even make the head or tail of a single. 
Once she weakly asked for water. The chaos increased a lot more, she could ……