Chained To Him

maya_lara1 Romance

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Trigger warnings!! - r**e, abuse, violence

A toxic boyfriend, a dangerous bad boy. Which one would you choose?
Scarlet Reynolds has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Noah Parker for o years. She's madly in love with him and he's deeply love with her too.
However, that's the problem.

Noah loves her so much that he's not willing to let her go. He controls what she wears and goes. He doesn't let her hang out with her friends and definitely doesn't trust her.

Scarlet realises she's trapped in a toxic relationship but finds that there's no escaping him. Enter Caleb Jackson.

A man with a dark past and a ton of secrets. He's mysterious and dangerous and Scarlet can't help but not stay away. Running from his former gang and vengeful brother, can he save Scarlet too?


"Yes you. What's your name angel?" I tucked a piece of stray hair that had fallen in front her eyes.

"Scarlet." Scarlet. So that was her name. It suited her well though and matched the colour of her lips.

"What's yours?" Her voice was quite sheepish and I granted her with a wicked smirk.



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