She Belongs To The Notorious Billionaire

DIVA Fantasy

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*A Fairy Tale for Young Girls*

“Your children’s,” she said in a little loud voice. It seemed like she was in a court and asking for the judgment by the judge.

My children’s? He thought. Though he was not expecting a brilliant answer, he definitely did not expect this.

How in the world his future kids get involved.

“Excuse me,”

“Yes. If you, don’t let me leave. Your children will suffer,” she said like she was saying an important verdict that needs to be done.

Children will suffer! How will the children suffer if she leaves? And how will be there children, if she leaves?

Even, he wanted to talk eagerly on the subject of children’s, he wants to hear out what the lady have to say about that.


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Damien rolled over on the bed to the side, to pick up the cell which is ringing nonstop for five minutes. He fizzled hair were the correct evidence of the wild night. Cuddling in the blanket fort with tangled legs with Donna was too good for him and he was planning to do the same for the rest of his day.

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