Spy Girl

Alexandria Jade Teen fiction

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Michelle Morgan works at the top-secret SSOST ( Secret Society Of Smart Teens) She and her best friend, Jordan, are called to Miami for, after years of training, their first mission. They are to uncover a teen bomber who has been making friends with the wrong people and bombing several SSOST sites. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem. Michelle used to live in Miami and all her old bullies, haters, and enemies are still there, in the same high school which she is to attend. Will Michelle finally stand up to them? Or will they rip open the half-healed wounds of the past, putting the safety of the mission-and her-in danger?


Tags: TeacherxStudentFriends to LoversHighschoolBullyBadgirlKickass Heroine
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The Arrival


"Ready, Agent Micky?"


I walk to the door purposefully, with my head held high ready to face anything. My bully Ginny, Ms.Popular Tris, and the evil student body.


Only to stagger back again against the body of the plane as a bright light burned my eyes.

What the frig?