Bound to You

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James Torres owns several elite schools and hospitals. He's an excellent CEO, even though his family pressures him to put his work life aside.

When he hires a new teacher, he is pleasantly surprised by her tact and skills. Few could impress him in one go, let alone arouse his interest.

Sierra's never looking for something permanent. She can't permit herself to commit. Not to a career, not to relationships...

When she lands a job as a substitute teacher in an elite school, she thought life couldn't be more perfect but between dealing with the boss' rebellious son, her overly curious niece and clingy colleagues, she can't seem to find peace of mind.

And even less, when they began digging in her past, trying to uncover all she was hiding. Will she fall alone or drag all of them with her?


Tags: BillionaireContract MarriageBadboyGoodgirlPowerfulCEORoyaltyDramaComedyBxG
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Chapter 48: Lies

Jace was bothered that Ileana wasn't coming out of the darn washroom in her room. It's been like fifteen minutes already. She had locked herself in there and was literally refusing to talk to him. Surely that couldn't have been her first kiss? 

Why was she so shy with him? Ugh. He groaned, recalling the taste of her mouth as he walked……