A God's Love

Valerie Irene YA&Teenfiction

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When my mom died, I was heartbroken. When my dad forced me to move with him, I was angry. When I enrolled to Olympus school, I was... Well, I guess you could say that I was surprised.

Olympus was no ordinary school.

I've never believed in any god, goddess or greater being and I hadn't really put much thought into Greek mythology, but it's difficult to remain an atheist when you're arguing agat the Big elve themselves.

Somewhere along the line, I've managed to earn Apollo's affections, piss off his ex's, and get caught in the middle of an ongoing battle beeen the Fallen and the Big elve. Have I mentioned the part where I'm being hunted by numerous Gods?

Now I have one question: What's a girl to do?


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