The tortured soul of the alpha daughter

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Aleera Hawks is 16 year old. She is a she-wolf and has not shifted yet. A female wolf can't shift before she meets her mate. She is the alpha daughter in her fathers pack. After years of torture and abuse will she be able to find her way back to the girl she once was or not?

Follow Aleera's story to find out what secrets she is carrying inside of her.


Tags: MurderRevengeWerewolfAlphaDarkRapeKarma/DestinyLunaDramaTragedy
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Chapter 24: Interrupted foreplay

Aleera's POV 

I was on my back and had Darius over me, we were still breathing heavily. Darius lips travels from my lips to my neck I moaned just by his tusch. Darius had his arms on each side of me. 

I moved my hands over his arms, they were huge and I could feel all the muscles in his arms. I placed my hands be……