Cruel Forced Marriage


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" leave this room right now " he yelled on me in very painful tone, but I have an evil smirk on my face.
" leave this room........or you'll regret it stormy " he yelled in helpless tone but I start taking off my dress which is barely covering my body. he turned his face and yelled more loudly. suddenly he pushed me in the wall and caged me between him and wall. his eyes are looking so red and yes I am scared but I hate him more than my fear. he smacks his lips on me and kissed the hell out of me. in a blink he tore my panties and ripped my bra from my body and start staring my body with so much love, " wait, love, I thought these horny pills make man horny " he grabs me by my neck and starts sucking my lips. and I let him do want he wants with me. I closed my eyes and my heart clenched in pain. " I am so sorry demon I love you so much but I hate Kabir more than our love," I said to myself and suddenly Kabir threw me on his bed and hovered over me .i can see the pain in his eyes, I know he won't want to take me, pain is clearly visible in his eyes. and suddenly he pushed his rock hard like member inside me, few tears fell on my face and I saw him crying. wooo a merciless bastard Kabir is crying. I never felt this much pain before but I have an evil glint in my eyes and a victorious smile on my face.

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yes guys its a squeal story of "his cruel forced love" so those who didn't read that story will not understand this story. So make sure before reading this you read " his cruel forced love" 

" leave this room right now " he yelled on me in very painful tone, but I have an evil smirk on my fa……