HATE vs LOVE (Complete)

Sadusjp Romance

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LOVE enterprises are love and honoured by the people because of their generousness to the people. Ela is the founder of it who is acting as of her in sister Eli. Her half siblings Viona and Liyon and Eli’s best friend Oli also know her secret and they are here to have revenge from HATE enterprise’s siblings and Weesli’s who is responsible to their birth mothers and Ela’s adopted parents.
With HATE's next generation with them, LOVE clashes with HATE. Both parties held power. HATE has the fear of society while LOVE holds the respect of the society?
When this o clash together, what will happen finally?


Tags: billionairepossessiveone-night standarrogantmanipulativebadboypowerfulsingle motherbillionairessbxg
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