My Imperfect Sadu Singh Oberoi

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Throughout her whole life, she's been having dreams about her Mr.Perfect and has been waiting for her Prince Charming. What happens when she bumps into a totally imperfect guy, her boss whom she calls Sadu Singh Oberoi? Will there be a change for romance to brew? Will she be able to find the "guy" in this imperfect boss?

Tune in to find out how destiny and fate plays in the lives of the bubbly Abella Morgan D'Souza and the arrogant, Siddhant A.K.A. Sadu Singh Oberoi.


Tags: BillionaireArrogantKickass HeroinePrinceBossRoyaltyHeirComedySweetBxG
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Chapter 28

Two and a half hours of work and nap later, they had finally landed in Dehradun. When the landing announcement was made, Siddhant looked up at Abella only to find her visibly calmer.


“I get jitters only during take-off.” She explained when she saw Siddhant’s furrowed eyebrows as he looked at her. Siddhant nodded courtly and f……