Love beyond the reasons


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A sneak peek-

***She took another gown which was pale blue and off shoulder, and started wearing it. Jace stepped forward to help her.

he zipped up the gown and trailed his finger over her bare shoulder making her shiver under his touch. She shivered and a gasp left her mouth.

Jace's eyes darkened a shade more if that was possible.

He pulled her into his arms and tangled his finger in her open hair , grabbing the back of her head , he smacked his lips on her .

Soon they were lost in a heated kiss, their lips perfectly moulding and fitting , tongues fighting for dominance , teeth colliding due to urgency , biting and sucking of lips. ***

We have heard love is unpredictable. It brings pain and happiness ; hope and disappointments. But still no one can stop falling in love. This sweet story is about two people who don't want any complication in their life and falling in love is not even in the list. But only love will decide their fate.


He was handsome , rich and had a girlfriend. She was a  , innocent,  beautiful and forbidden. She was his best friend and 6 years younger. One night of passion and the equation had been changed. He is not ready to let her go. She was not ready to accept his game.... Would the fate bring  them togather .... Would they ever get their true and only love..  ..


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