Mafia Indebted (Dark Romance)

Beenish Shaheen Romance

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Meet Anissa Ghalib, a young doctor, possessing a strong, kind and confident character. She's a known beauty and has a very high moral sense and regard. For her, family is everything and she would do anything to protect her family.

Shehryaar Ghulari, the cold and ruthless leader of the country's most dangerous Mafia; He's a powerful man who gets anything he wants. He's cold, brutal and absolutely inhuman, a borderline psychopath. For him, morals and ethics hold no meaning, Family is nothing. He rules with tyranny and loves every bit of it.

What will happen when the country's most powerful and dangerous man becomes indebted to a certain doctor?

It starts with a twisted malice, hatred, murder,politics, darkness, sacrifice and love.


Tags: ManipulativePsychoDramaTragedy
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Chapter 38

There he stood with his bulging arms crossed over his muscularly sculpted chest. Even through the crisp white shirt, his immpecable muscles were so prominent. Anissa's eyes fell on his empty holster. she swallowed hard and slowly remover her head cover. 

His hair was disheveled and tossed back while his clean shaven jaw was set sharpl……