Pillars of Magic

Jack Denver Fantasy

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Sierra Trinidad is an orphan and a center of bullying, but is determined to continue living. Not until when she accidentally killed his uncle. All of her will to live shattered into pieces, which pushed her to end her life through jumping on a cliff.

But fate is not that cruel. A ball of light hit her before she hit the rocky ground. As she opened her eyes, she found herself in a foreign land near to its destruction; and she is one of the five chosen pillars that could save it.

Will she be able to save the land or end up dying with it?


Tags: TeleportationGoodgirlPowerfulWarriorSuperheroTwistedFantasy-Romance ContestBxG
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NAKATINGIN ako sa kawalan habang hinahayaan ang ingay sa loob ng aming silida-aralan na unti-unting maglaho. Ibinaling ko ang aking atensyon sa aking mga gamit nang makita ko sa gilid ng aking mga mata ang pag-alis ng kahuli-hulihan kong kaklase.

Nagsimula na ako sa pagliligpit ng ……