The dragon's ready mate family

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Darius was one of a twin, two Dragon's hatched from the same parents one dark night 136 years ago. The two brother's where closer than close and it was prophesied that one day they would share the love of the same woman, their life mate. Then 15 years ago Daniel fell in love with a woman that betrayed their family to their death, leaving only Darius behind. Blind and lost in bitterness, he locked himself away, losing his dragon in the process.

But what should he do when a woman and her two children shows up, unannounced and unwanted at his house in the middle of a rainy night? And then that woman, a HUMAN woman, turns out to be his mate? Will he accept her as his, and what will happen with the children?

Sheara just went through a traumatic divorce, and almost lost her children to her ex. Fleeing her ex and his many contacts who tried to kidnap her children, she gets lost on the west coast of South Africa. Getting chased by a wolf into a very unfriendly man's house with a sick child is no fun. But will she be able to fend off his advances and her blossoming feelings while threatened by the return of her ex?

The book is mostly aimed at older readers, getting a second chance after divorce and being in your 30s with children. Although there will be sexual scenes, the main focus is that of a romantic love story. This is the first time I'm writing a book and all comments, positive and negative is welcome, except for how often I update, as I can't control my life, lol. Hope you enjoy finding out where love leads Darius and Sheara with me!


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Chapter 12

After Keith had finally left, Darius slowly walks over to Sheara, the smell of her fear overwhelming in his nose. Hands held in the air so as to show he is no threat, he slowly sank to his knees in front of her, before whispering her name.

“Sheara, please! Look at me.” His voice carried a note of pleading and desperation.

Slowly Shea……