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"You were staring at it like you wanted to feel it, suck it and pump it. Sweetie, your brother will kill me of I let you," he stated before moving forward. My eyes widened in an instant, my feet took a few step backwards in shocked.

But he continued until my back was leaning on the door frame. He bent a little until his face is level with mine.

"What's your name kitten?" he asked, his voice hoarse and I swear it feels like my stomach is churning, a huge frog probably getting wild inside.

"Pa-ahm, Atlantis," I whispered, my voice shaking as his face moved closer and closer until our foreheads are already touching.

"Hmm, Atlantis," he stated, brushing a few strands of my hair to the side, smirk suddenly plastered on the corner of his lips, "How old are you?" he asked and I bit my lower lip at how sexy he sounded after he called my name.

My eyes landed on his lips.

"I wonder how those lips taste," I stated and the moment I lift my glance back to his, I saw how a huge smile was proudly showing on his face.

In which a guy have no idea that the author, his secret admirer, created a webtoon so she can dream of what it's like to be dating him.


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Atlantis's POV

"Stop it, Dev. It's cringey, what even," my hands covered my face as Dev kept on giggling while he,  according to him, admires the sketches I have of him. 

He was seated rather comfortably on my chair while he admires the thick folders of sketches that I have.  Of course, n……