Stripped - The Dirty Wish

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"W-Wedding reception.." she stammered.
"I mean what's the point of all this? This marriage is fake anyways." her tongue is slipped and in front of her in-laws and her so-called husband, she said it out loud.
"Look Saraya.." he lifted her chin, then, continued, "I won't force you to be my wife if you don't want to be. But I can protect you better and you'll be saved here with me." his low and husky voice made her feel hot.
"Do you want to say anything?" it was kind of a warning, the words he wanted to hear for so long, she finally said it.
"I love you.." her breath heavy and she moaned.
"Say it again," he ordered.
"I love you, Aaron," she said in a low voice.
"Oh baby..." he moaned in satisfaction, as soon as he hit her pleasure spot, her eyes squeezed shut and breathing heavily.
"I want you to be a stripper....only for me," he replied.
"It's a wish. The Dirty Wish," he added in a commanding tone.
"What, are you, my daddy, now?" she asked raising a brow.
"I can be if you want." a sudden grin on his lips made him look hot.
"Show me those damn moves. I want to see your wild side," he said leaning back on the sofa.


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