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"How could you... last night... I was helpless! You are the one who molested me! And you dare do it again now!" she huffed.

Khail wasn't affected with her crying.

"Yes, I dare. You are just too sweet not to be tasted."

His statement rang deep in the back of her mind. These were the words of an insensitive, cold-hearted demon. No more, no less. He was lusting on her, yes he was, and that was the rightful particular emotion of choice.

"I said don't come any closer!" she cried again when she noticed him inching more towards her. "I will stab you! I swear I will stab you demon or not!!!" she threatened, but it was only gibberish talk for Khail.

"Nonsense Selene. Stab me if you want," he urged and this surprised her greatly.

He continued to close in on her and this time, Selene didn't hesitate plunging the knife into his chest.

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Easy for Supernaturals to live their life in what everybody calls 'forever'.

That is easy for angels yes, but for demons, it is most likely a damnation of boredom.

And that is the truth.

However, how much more would it be for a demon who has a unique power to wield time and space?

What is HE to do with such an unlimited lifetime then?

Genre:  Supernatural Romance, Smut, Mystery

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