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"Hello, sugar cube."
"Did you just call me sugar cube?"

What do you do when you're seventeen, kicked out of school for vandalism and are brought back in the city where your rich family kicked you out of years ago?

Luna Greene was perfectly happy having run away from the rich, fake society her family lived in and the weight her surname carried. When her father had kicked her out of the house for not accepting her engagement five years ago, she hadn't expected him to ever mutter her name again, let alone to say her engagement was never off. So when she gets enrolled into one of the most prestigious, private schools in the country and is told to behave, she's really close to exploding.

Axel Thompson was perfectly satisfied with ruling his school and being the heir to a multi-billion dollar corporation. He had always accepted the fiancée he had had since birth, seeing it as the fate of a Thompson. He had never expected he would meet her for the first time at a party, nor that he would see so much more in her than he ever thought possible.

Then again, it could also have been the alcohol talking.


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Chapter 26

AS SOON AS THIRD period ended, Axel said he didn't feel well and left, although it was under suspicious looks from Mike and Jason. He didn't reply on the texts that immediately followed, instead walking straight ahead to his car. 

He had a goal. 

When he neared Gaia High, the most seclusive private school in the country, he al……