Mr Billionaire's young love

sakura knight Romance

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"you.....!!!", Jennifer blurted.
"yes me, your Ex-boyfiend", said in agitated voice.
"oh... yeah!,who you betrayed for money" added with irritation.
one who once loved each other more than their life turned to be sworn enemies. who cannot take each others presence. whether there is a chance for love to once again knock there door which they closed long back or there will be even more secrets.
to know, need to read the story .


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Jennifer before she could process what he was trying to tell her he pulled her under the shower.

"This is it," he said with a smirk.

Jennifer was completely drenched and her clothes were see-through and Revan was sneakingly looking at her body. Jennifer who was not aware of what Revan was looking at suddenly realized that her clothes……