The Best Mistake (GxG)

NightfallSiren_ Romance

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Heather Arquinn La Rivas. Drop-dead gorgeous. Cool. Witty. And superlatively, a playgirl. She was once in love but unfortunately lost the happily ever after in a snap. Got hurt and decided to leave for good. But as the time heals her wounded heart, she finds herself going back to the place where she had met the reason of her lovely yet painful journey. Hoping to meet the best mistake of her life again and see if there's still be a second chance to fix their broken promises. Or will it be the last chance to just settle for a friendly ending?


Tags: PossessiveCountrysideTomboyBossChildhood CrushDramaSweetGxG
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She had her eye checked up and there was nothing to worry about it. She might've thought of getting blind but it was a relief that what happened wouldn't trigger anything for her to lose sight. Ayen would pay big time if she ever got blind and that payback wasn't something the girl could resist. She's confident enough to tell that she would like……