My Mafia Princess (Gangster Series Book 4)


Kiara Colón LGBT+

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**Please read tags before starting this story. Will contain heated scenes**

"Why are you crying?" I asked, knowing why, but wanting her to tell me. She scoffed, her tongue was against her inner cheek, keeping herself from saying anything she might regret.

"It's not important. I just want to accompany you to this trip and then come back home. That's all," she replied, lifting her chin up as she looked back out the window.

I stood up, leaning over with my hands on each armrest, locking her in.

"If this is about what happened…"

She interrupted me as she turned to look at my face.

"And what happened, Bea? Or should I say, Miss Santiago? To be honest, I don't know what to call you anymore." She took a deep breath. "One minute you're nice, the next you're ignoring me. You give me the best orgasm any woman could have, only to treat me like shit afterwards?"

I was speechless. She was hurt and it was all because of me. If we were going to enjoy this trip, I couldn't act like a jerk and treat her nicely.


Years after her mother's death, she moved from Italy to New York to pursue a career in business and to avoid having to take over her father's empire. Being the most successful business mogul in the city, Beatrice Santiago is thriving on her own, until she's called to a family gathering for Sofia's baby's baptism. It won't be long before she's pulled once again into the underworld.

With her personal assistant, Cynthia Martinez by her side, she thinks it will all be a normal family affair with the woman she swears never to fall in love with.

What Beatrice doesn't know is that Cynthia belongs to the Colombian Cartel, sworn enemy of the Spanish Mafia, and her own father is looking for revenge as he blames the Santiago family for their stolen diamonds.

Caught in between her own people, and the family of the woman she loves, chaos is sure to follow.


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"Are you sure they'll be done with him soon?" Aubrey asked as she paced back and forth in the waiting area. Dad was in a room, getting treated and they had warned us it would be a while before they could tell us anything.

But she was anxious and getting irritated at the lack of information. 

"I'm sure. Just……