My First and Last Wish

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The love story of Nina and Vikram in different stages of life. Vikram always thought Nina is the only girl in his life.On the other side, even Nina loves him but she couldn't accept him because of her financial conditions and never told him about this. He became playboy and started hating her as she rejected him.


Tags: Karma/DestinyForcedSecond ChancePlayboyArrogantBadboyGoodgirl
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A glimpse of the past

Vikram POV:

When I entered Mr. Mehta’s office, I saw Nina sitting beside Mr. Suresh and doing something in her laptop.

 What the hell he is doing here??!! He is so into this project…He came early.

“Good Morning, Mr. Mehta” I said to Mr. Mehta

“Good Morning Vikram” He smiled.

Mr. Mehta is a good man. He is like ……