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A normal person is suddenly summoned to another World. Upon arrival, a group of Mages, Guards and a spoiled Prince waits him. His status are pitiful and made him weaker than the average Farmer. In the second attempt, they summon a dog, a K9 German Sheppard Police Officer. Oddly, with low status as well.
After escaping the cave to where they were summoned, starts their new life in a strange, medieval, and magical World.
Upon joining the Adventurer's Guild in the Loriath Kingdom and during a cup of tea with the Guild Master after having finished a bottle of wine before, he faced a angried Guild Master that didn't liked to hear his criticism about the way the Adventurer's lived:

- “You are too bold for a mere Farmer, aren’t you?”

He took another sip of the tea and answered:

- “I was going to remain like that, but after today, I changed my mind. I will be the strongest Adventurer that this World as ever seen."

This story is a continuation of The 1.000 years Great Sage, but can be read as a separated story.


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