My Lonely Duke

Serena Fantasy

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Troy, the son of God of thunder and Lightening has been banished from heaven. He is living as a Demi-God on Earth in secret. He is still arrogant and considers human below him. Until the day he meets a girl who would turn his world around. The mere human girl who would be the answer to his sudden banishment and the only way he could go back to heaven. He just doesn’t know how.

Hazel has learned to take care of herself after being abandoned by her parents, and moving to a new town to earn money for herself and her Grandma. Nothing ever goes right for her be her job or her love life, but this time things have been crazy for her when she decides to come back to her home and cross paths with not just one stranger but two. Both of them being devilish handsome and equally arrogant.


Tags: VampireLove-triangleArrogantDominantGoodgirlPowerfulPrinceRoyaltyDramaComedy
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Worst Idea Ever

Hazel POV 

As I am coming out of my kidnapper’s room, I realize something. I have gone crazy. 

Why the hell did I take the job or asked him for a job 

Fingers crossed.

I went to his room to know about vampires and if I was attacked by them last night……