His Angel Eyes

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Angel eyes, the first name he ever called be after my own, a name he started using more than my birth name. When I asked him the first day why he called me that or Angel he said cause to him I was beautiful and pure. Maybe he was right because when his darkness came into my life it changed everything, he taught me about a world I never knew a world or control, protection and dominance. But somehow none of that scared me, not in the slightest if anything it made me be a different person...a person of confident...a person who could love so hard and up until him I never knew my heart could love this much. He always said he has never loved, he never let his heart love until me. I was his Angel that opened his heart and made him be weak for the first time in his life.

Before him...before New York I lived a quiet normal life back home in Scotland but he took me into a world I never realized I wanted. I don’t think either of us realized that when we met in the elevator that day everything was gonna change for both him and I. He showed me a world that would make a fire burn ide anytime he was close. I showed him a world where he learned it was OK to love and the o of us became something neither of ever expected.


“Does that feel like nothing Skylar?” he groaned pressing his hard on right agat my already throbbing core “You are fucking with my head without even realising it. I have not even known you enty-four hours and you are making me lose my damn mind.” He added


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