The Chance of a Lifetime

EliManson Vampire/Werewolf

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Scarlet Farkas is just an ordinary she-wolf in the Winter Snow pack; she's an 18 year-old senior who's loved by many because of her "realness". She's also just a young girl at heart, still dreaming of finding her mate and to live happily ever after with him- but being rejected was not what she expected... especially from someone who means a lot to her.

And just like any other rejected mate, she runs away from home, not bothering to even explain to her family and friends of her situation. And while running she stumbles upon the Nightstar pack- with a huge unexpected surprise... The fates have given her another mate.

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Tags: RevengeWerewolfLove-triangleReincarnationSecond ChanceFriends to LoversPregnantDramaTragedyBxG
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