Mending Her Heart

N.Rahes Romance

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Meet Gul -e -Jannat :
She is a young divorcee daughter of rich landlord. Because of her first marriage she is scared from all men and doesn't believe in Love. She get force from her family for second marriage with rich landlord/prime minister's son Elam khan.Both families were enemy from past 5 generations but they decided to get their kids get marriage to finished enmity between two families.

Meet Elam:
He is Eldest son of prime minster and he is an Architecture. He is not ready for marriage but force to marriage Jannat. He was not ready for any responsibility.He is clever, reserves and quiet as a person. Will Elam be able to bring back Jannat trust after their marriage. Will they be able to survive together when both don't want to get marriage. Will they give chance to each other. Will they be able to have happy marriage. What have destiny store for them.


Tags: PossessiveContract MarriageFamilyLove after MarriageOpposites AttractSecond ChanceArranged MarriageMillionairessTycoonComedy
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Chapter Six

She lazily  opened her eyes and looked up. There was Elam sleeping on the bed and she was sleeping on chair. Doctor checked him and had bandage his injuries on the head and medicines for other injuries. Also, give him sleeping injection from last night so he was still sleeping. She slowly got up from her place and came out. she got into res……