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AGENT12569 Paranormal

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Sarah Taylor Ipswich Danvers also known as Taylor Morgan in the normal human world. The daughter of Serena and Harry Morgan until one day she finds out her real truth from her parents that she had already known since she was ten. How will she maintain her celebrity and assassin figure being the alpha of the most powerful packs in the world? To cover up she had to stay in her foster parent's pack. Being rejected by her mate ; the alpha of the pack and losing her biological sister to a phycopath ex-friend who killed her best friend's parents when they both were only four. She handles everything being the top singer , dancer , alpha , secret agent , oh and being the mother to her late mudered sister's quadruplets who were only orphaned when they were a week old. She sure is tough!!!


Tags: adventurebillionairealphadarkopposites attractkinkysweetbxg
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