My Mate

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Girls Generation's TaeNy.
What if you find out that you are a werewolf's mate? Would you accept it? It's normal if you're the same kind because you would feel the connection but what if you're a human?

Tiffany's simple life changed when she met Kim Taeyeon.
She's a college student. Smart, kind, beautiful and straight. That's what she knew, she's straight.
But when Taeyeon came into her life, she got confused because this petite gorgeous girl was claiming her as her mate despite the fact that they're both girls.

Would Tiffany accept her or not?


Tags: WerewolfPossessivePackMistressK-popDramaTragedyTwistedGxGBi
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Taeyeon's POV

Everything was back to its place again as I finally broke and end the curse. 

I'm still thinking why would our ancestors need to prison the twin's souls in a necklace and a ring? If they killed them, just let their souls be where they need to be.