Arrange Marriage To A Billionaire

Shiksha Billionaire

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Of course it's all part of her plan.

First she impresses my parents and now she is trying to impress me.But don't worry cause' even I know how to play this game. She is still an amateur and I am a professional.

She will neither refuse this proposal nor leave me so easily even if I tell her to do so. So even I will play this game with her so that she will get to know that she should not have played with fire. I will make her regret it.


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Was I wrong ?

Evelyn's P.O.V

Kiara's nails continued to pierce my skin. Landon quickly hurled Kiara and pushed her away from me. She took the position to pounce on me again but Landon stood as a barrier between her and I.

"Kiara ! If you try to hurt Evelyn ever again I'll make sure that you'll regret it !" warned Landon. I quickly gulped some air.……