The Omega 's fight


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Avery is low on the totem pole , being born to the life of an omega she works odd jobs for the pack until graduation when she will be assigned a perminant job . Her mother was a pack nurse, her father attended to the packs farm . But when a sudden rouge attack happens Avery steps up defending the betas mate and child her position in the pack is re evaluated. oh did I forget to mention she found her mate , don't get to happy because it doesn't end well, what will happen as avery discovers her self in a new light.
Warning it may have scenes of violents and unwanted sexual advances that may be triggering to some , read at your own will.


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CH 23

My body was a world wind of emotions the feeling of my heart being ripped out of my chest replayed repeatedly in my mind. Though the organ remained in place the feeling never changed. I tried waking up from this nightmare but had failed repeatedly. I could hear the voices around me faintly as I laid curled up in a ball in the darkness of my mind……