His Weakness


Lexx G. Romance

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*Book 1*
Violet may be best friends with Charlotte the most popular girl in school but she's always been the shy tag-along nerd. She thinks her life is a nightmare but when strange men break into her home and drag her from her home into a nasty, dark cell without any explanation she's sure it is. Uprooted and terrified, she finds that she's not alone in the darkness and quickly finds out that she doesn't belong amongst this group.

Why does she keep hearing a voice ide of her head? And why are all of the children sharing the cell frightened of the person wearing the navy hoodie?


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The Awakening

Third Party POV


Even as she hummed, Violet wasn’t awake.

    Eyes burning a deep ember, her “greater self” as Igniculus had chosen to refer to herself called forth Cronan’s true form.  When his eyes flashed a deep blue, just a few shades off of the usual silver she’d seen so many times, she knew ……