The Chieftain's Bride


Svetlana Ivanova LGBT+

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Marriage was her only means of escape. Though Vevina Blair came of age amid the misty moors of the Scottish highlands, where warring clans battled to the death for the future of their wild land, nothing frightens her so much as a lifetime trapped in the castle of her cruel stepfather. She is thrilled when a marriage is arranged to the son of a Schottish chieftain...until her betrothed is revealed to be Astrid. Though the savage female warrior once saved her life, Vevina knows no one can tame the heart of such a strong-willed woman, no matter how finely defined her features or how enticing her golden eyes.


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Chapter 47

"I should never have come to you straight from the such a vicious battle. I was heated with rage..."

"And looking for solace," Vevina finished. 

Astrid raised her hand to cup her face and stare at it briefly before turning away. "I am filthy. I had no right to..."

"Love me?"

Astrid turned around, spreading her arms. ……