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I felt his d**k getting bigger and I wanted him in me so badly. He teased me by sliding a hand past my opening and up to my n*****s. He sucked on my n*****s.

"Oh please make me c*m".

I kissed him deeply and began riding him. He tried to match my pace but couldn't keep up. He smacked my a*s making me whimper and beg for more. After a couple seconds of this, he started to push deeper into me and pull out little by little. The build up was killing me as I got hornier and clearly wetter. He slowly quickened his pace as I sucked on his fingers. He put his whole c**k in me and rocked me back and forth as I let out soft moans. He then quickened his pace and you could hear my wet p***y smack against his body. I could barely take it when he suddenly slowed . I caught my breath as he moved slower and slower. I know I needed him to stop but I wanted it deeper. He ran his hand down to my clit and massaged it as he pulled in and out. He pinched my n*****s and rested his tip at my opening. He lifted my leg above his shoulder while the other wrapped around his leg. I let him know I was getting closer. He got the message and as he rubbed my clit making me moan and my o****m build, he shoved his giant d**k back into me. I was confused because I'm in love with another man who pleasures me as well. I wanted them both as my mate because my whole body was in love with both of them and I couldn't afford to lose either men.


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