Theirs For The Taking


Shantae Red Paranormal

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"Alias, is it true?" Jesslyn asked him, tears in her eyes. "Do you even care about me?"

Alias stood there with a blank look on his face. I shook my head, letting the tears fall down my face. All of this happened because of him doing something that he had no business doing. He didn't have to mess with that girl. She wasn't his to mess with.

"It's in the past now." Alias told me.
"Obviously, it wasn't! He took me from you! And..."

I couldn't control it. I covered my face and sobbed uncontrollably. When I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder, I snatched away, immediately. I glared up at him with hatred.

"Sometimes I wonder, why am I with you." I told him.
"Look, I'm not holding you hostage." Alias said, breaking my heart even more.
"So, you're willing to let me and your unborn child go? Is that what you want?"

Alias backed up before he turned to head back to the car. When he got to his side of the door, he stood there for a second.

"You're a free woman, Jesslyn." Alias told me. "You're able to do whatever the f**k you want to do."

Then he hopped into his car, leaving me there in the cold, moist weather. Now, I was beginning to wonder why I ever loved him in the first place..... Every time, my heart broke even more and soon there was going to be nothing left to break. How much longer could I continue this?


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