Falling For The Mermaid

Sylvia Adely Fantasy

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Theon Woods , is supposed to be the perfect husband to Tiffany but things take a drastic turn when his evil brother drowns him and in that moment is when he meets a mermaid by the name Genesis Lee.

Genesis saves him from the drowning and when it comes a time when the marine life is threatened when a ship carrying oil, capsizes in the ocean, it is Theon's time to save Genesis.

Theon being a good man throws his life and his family for the sake of Genesis and things get complicated when he gets to the bottom of the ocean and he realised the bitter truth that he is destined to be the leader of the mermaids for he possesses the powerful leadership mark.

Will Theon give up on the love of his life to be with a mere mermaid Genesis Lee?
Will Theon run away from his destiny and that includes being with Patricia to please the elders?

Will Theon be able to fight the strong attraction he feels for Genesis just because they are of different species?

Read to find out ...


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I couldn’t sleep on the eve of my wedding day. Knowing that Tiffany was in that situation because of me hurt like hell. Genesis had slept ages ago and I used that chance to sneak so that I could go and see her.

I swam as fast as possible towards the shore and once I got out of the water, I ran to the main road and I was……