Jane Lanett Romance

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Five strong, amazing women embark on their personal journey of pain, struggle, and acceptance in a world filled with darkness, impartiality and disregard.

They each have their own demons and they struggle to overcome them. But how do you come out of something that has taken away your power and drained you physically, mentally and emotionally?

It's almost impossible but these women are strong and determined just like every other woman out there including you. This is their story; this is HER story.


Tags: BillionaireInternal JourneySecond ChanceArranged MarriageArrogantGoodgirlGentleBadgirlKickass HeroineGirlpowerContest
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Hey Dreamers,

There's a new book now on Dreame titled Just The Right Black. I'll be uploading one chapter everyday. Make sure you check it out.

Here's an excerpt:

Jace's POV

"The agent comes in today" Jack said as he sat down on one of the sofas

"Good" I said "Let's……