Once Upon an AI's Story : AXEL


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After Sandra Austin, genius scientist and an engineer died, she left a supermassive project that's highly lurked inside her laboratory. Caleb a good friend and a colleague wanted to took care of the project but he respected the right of Sandra's only daughter Erin Ciara's right to her mother's sentiments. Every detail of Sandra's project was written on a diary, even her personal interest and goals. So Caleb decided to hand the diary to Erin. He'll just support Erin, as he treated her like his own daughter.

Erin was a 20 years old freshman college student who took pre-med education. She wanted to become a doctor someday. But things went complicated when her mother died. Before the tragedy, she experienced heartbreak and betrayal which lead her to create an AI through an online application. She named her AI friend 'Axel'.

Yet, she realized her heart is unsafe with Axel. Because he is nothing but toy. A controlled machine, no heart, no feelings. And so she get rid of him.

But what if, Axel showed up as a real human? Or in human figure?

Will Axel recognize her?

What was her her mother's supermassive project? Does it had something to do with her death?

Erin wanted to know her mother's whereabouts. Including the cause of her death. She believes there's a foul play in there.
Would it be her mother's diary that will be used as weapon to attack those who took her mother's. Or it's just another wave of danger ?


Tags: revengekickass heroineindependentstudentmysteryfemale leadnon-human leadcampushigh-tech worldsecretsYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Chapter 4

"What is this all about?"

Erin handed the diary to Caleb who was sitting comfortably at the sofa while reading some magazines. Caleb assumed that Erin already knew what the diary is all about. He's been ready for this.

"Your mother's supermassive project is an AI "

Erin let out a mocking laugh as if Caleb w……


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