Temptation and lust; Unforgettable Affair


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I always believed that I was loyal. The type of woman that would never cheat on the man I loved...lie to him. I thought I was better than that, believed I never had that in me. And being in a long term relationship I have never even thought about it, never been tempted by any other man, no matter how much things have changed over the years. Until him...until the day Miles walked into the bar where I worked.

He was gorgeous, charming and never failed to make me smile. He made it clear he was attracted to me from the start but I brushed it off. I never thought even for a second that the more time I spent with him I would change the person I was but he made me feel things my boyfriend never.

I thought I was strong enough to fight temptation...fight l**t but that was before Miles came into my life. He turned my life upside down and become something I never realised I needed.


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