A Murder, Inc.

Stella Purple Suspense/Thriller

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Super closed-off and a closet sadist, heir to the multi-billion dollars group Vira Cynfael works as a hitgirl. The life she goes through so far is not easy, but she always find a fine line in between. But all of that is about to change when her dearest cousin, Aramis Cynfael, goes missing. And when times get rough, she will have to assemble members of the Murder, Inc. once more.

(Volume #1 - #4, Completed.)


Tags: ActionMurderDarkHighschoolKickass HeroineBillionairessHeiressDramaBxG
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Side Story

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Side Story

Book 4.5: Brother Trouble

Chapter 1

09:27 pm
Rooftop, Manhattan, New York

Vira is in one of her stake-outs—a tedious task, indeed, but someone has to do it—when she spots a group of people briskly step out from the rooftop door. To be fair, it is not the only escape path ……