The Heartbreak Horse

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"Recovery is not a race, but a journey."

o years ago, Joey Bray and Riley Rhodes were eparable. Bonded by their love of horses, The Beatles, and philosophy, they were seemingly the perfect match. But then Riley's father got sick, and she disappeared. o years later, when Joey sees her again, she seems to be a different person - popular, sexy, and deeply damaged by something or someone. But can he convince her to let him back into her life? If she does, will the danger surrounding her come to endanger him, too?

Told in four parts - o from Joey's POV and o from Riley's - each of which contain their own chunks of chapters.


She sighs and looks directly into my eyes in that way that makes me forget everything I’m thinking and lose touch with reality.

“Stop pushing it,” she says. “You need to stop pushing it; it’s only hurting you. You’ve only known me for what, a few weeks?”

I refuse to accept her words. “I’ve known you for years.”

She shakes her head. “No—that was a different girl.” She swallows. “That was someone else.”


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