Can you see me

Fatima Zaidi Fantasy

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I am invisible. No, not like having super power invisible but I have been invisible since I was cursed. Messing with high power priestess is not a good option. I have been what you call a bad boy. I loved dating girl, breaking hearts, late-night rendezvous, and rule breaking.
So my curse was to live an endless life with an added bonus of being invisible so that I was alone for immortality. Since I was so very good looking and she kind of had a soft spot for me, she left a loophole. My curse will be lifted if I find true love.
I wish it was that easy because in my case no one can even see me so falling in love with me was out of the question.

Tristyn Moore is a cursed bad boy now invisible. Iorwen Haywell is the tomboy of her town with a gang of friends, with rough childhood she is now one tough girl. Though she is pretty enough for some reason she has never dated and is like invisible to the opposite sex. Can two invisible people be finally able to see and believe in each other?


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Truly a heartbreaker

Somehow Iorwen had changed the topic and dragged all her friends out of there. She had the bad feeling about how Liz was looking at Tristyn.

Shouldn’t you be happy if someone else starts seeing him? He will leave you alone.

Her inner conscience said but she didn’t want to accept the fact that it bothered her a lot if anyone e……