L0Ne $0uL Romance

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What are you doing here?
and how do you found that I am here in Australia?
How you dare to touch me again you punk. Just f*****g stay away from me you d######d. ( She said to him angrily.)

Heh.. heh.. my dear future wify.
I am here to help you in your study and accompany you because you do not get bore here my little baby. (He said to her in a romantic and seductive tone)

Hey, you do not cross your limits do you get that? If you do then I will kill you with my own hands. I do not need your f*****g help. And the first thing I know how to entertain myself in bore time you do not have to think about that.
And what do you mean wify I am not your wife or anything and I will not marry a person like you. All rich boys are bastards and playboys and you are also like them. You will only use me and after using you will throw me out of your f*****g life. And rich guys parents also are the same. They only do the deals business deals that....... he interrupted her.

(After listening to her last sentence he got angry. He pinned her to the wall. his face was too close to her face his breathing fanning her whole face. he said to her)

Jacob: Listen my baby girl. I will not leave from here. I will stay here with you. And you do not have to f*****g tell me what I have to do or not. And my parents are the best parents in the world. Just do not spill nonsense if you do not know about that.
And you will marry me after this one year, you will fall for me, you will love me more than yourself, you will give me everything that belongs to only me, this is my word and promise just remember my words my angry sexy bird. he kissed her passionately.


Tags: billionairepossessivefamilylove after marriagearrogantpowerfultragedybxgmysterywife
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