loving the red leader

Elayna McCann Fanfiction

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Tord is a army leader that is powerful and a dominant but he is gay so he is looking for someone to help him lead the Red Army. Tom is an alcoholic that is submissive and he is also gay. But what happens if Tom and Tord meet? Will Tord make Tom rule with him or will Tom's friends get in the way?


Tags: MurderPossessiveRapeSexDominantSubmissiveKinkyGentlePowerfulBxB
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getting to know tom

After Tom put his clothes on he stood up and looked at Tord with a slight smirk on his face that Tord did not see. Tom then turned and started walking with Tord following him, asking questions about Tom. “ How old are you” Tord asked Tom and Tom said “ I am 23 years old”.  “ What is your name” Tord asked. “ My name is Tom” Tom said to Tord.……