Winning His Luna's Heart


Claire White Fantasy

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It is said that having a mate is a blessing and the best gift any wolf can ask for. It is said that when you find your mate you feel things you never felt before and instantly fall in love with them. It’s like they can’t be away from their mates even for a second. Hence, they are very few cases heard about denying the mate bond or rejection.

Eliana Marie Brooks is an Alpha she-wolf from the Blue Moon Pack. She lost her parents to rouges and had a near death experience during the attack. She is beautiful, strong, loving and caring. In other words she is everything that a wolf can ask for in a mate. She only wants two things in her life. Becoming a strong Alpha like his father and finding her mate.

Gavin Gabriel Black is soon to be Alpha of the Red Moon Pack. He is tall, handsome and a playboy. He gets what he wants or so he thinks. He loves the attention he gets as girls throw themselves at him and doesn’t want a mate because for him getting stuck with one she-wolf for an eternity is not his definition of life. But, he is f****d to find his mate and accept her to take his rightful position as an Alpha.

What happens when fate ties these two opposite souls together to become one? Will Eliana find the love she wants from her mate? Will Gavin accept her and welcome the mate bond or will he mess their lives with his selfishness? Follow their journey to find out.


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I didn't want to wait for any longer and wanted to be with my mate, I was feeling guilty for not trusting him I even snapped on Elsa when she tried to make me see sense. I had to apologize because I made a mistake, I was feeling the guilt weigh down on me when I recalled how he pleaded and begged for me to listen to him but I didn't. I have neve……