His Wife and His Mistress

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Blaire was a beautiful and a lovely Housewife who loved her husband so much but was always too shy to confess her love. Immersed in a happy marriage, she never expected that one day she would find her husband Jacob was cheating on her with his personal assistant right on their bed! Still, she gathered the courage to call Jacob but he acted as nothing happened and kicked her out of the house. Brokenheartedly, she wandered around the cold streets when she was suddenly accosted and was about to be raped...

this is a story of blaire and jacob, how their love goes through the test and how they overcome it.

this is my first story and does give me your feedbacks about the story on the comment box!!!!!


Tags: PossessiveFamilyPregnantArrogantCEOMistressAssistantDramaTwistedBxG
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Who wants this story to continue?

Hey guys,

 I have received some messages from some of my readers and they want me to continue this story. I am really glad that you liked my story but this time I would like to know your views and thoughts of how you want the story to continue. What all things do you want in the story and stuff. I really hope that I will get your views and……